Talked to Axel Ragnarsson of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast about larger properties and institutional investors.

Check out the podcast link, plus the show notes are below.

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2:56 Omar shares his background in finance and how he learned about the benefits of commercial real estate.
8:01 Omar discusses how real-life experiences are beneficial before putting your own career on the line.
12:15 We discuss Omar’s criteria and key signals that tell him a property is worth pursuing.
14:38 Omar shares why having a flexible criteria is important when scaling.
17:30 We discuss that simplicity is key and important components of management.
18:50 Omar shares that in order to learn a new market, you need to be there and build connections.
24:27 We discuss institutional investors and the benefits of focusing on high net worth individuals to raise capital.
27:40 Omar shares that finding a wealthy investor base is key because you can find new connections through your current investor base.
31:51 Omar discusses how he structures his deals.
34:30 Omar shares the importance of diligence, and commitment.
38:19 We discuss what Omar would do if he could start his business again.