Are You A Canadian Or International Investor Interested In American Commercial Real Estate?

Don’t know where to start with U.S. real estate — taxes, foreign exchange, bank accounts?

At Boardwalk Wealth we understand the whole process, and we help our international investors every step of the way. You’ll avoid the worry and the waits, because we do all the hard work. We also have access to the best U.S. resources (like accountants and lawyers) who do this all the time.

When you invest with us, we take care of:



Get registered with the IRS as a foreign investor


U.S. Accountant & Tax Preparation

Access our network of accountants (with 15+ years of experience dealing with taxation services for foreign investors in the United States)


Getting Your Money Into The U.S. — Quick, Safe & Easy!

Your money transfers in and out of the U.S. for lower than bank rates (saving you $1000s of dollars over the course of your investment)


Limited Liability Company (LLC) / Corporation

You are set up in an entity that provides legal protection and taxation benefits (far beyond owning property in your personal name… it’s a form of asset protection)



When you invest in one of our deals there is no need to obtain U.S. financing, as we secure the debt (our names are on the loan). Or if you want to do your own deals we help you source debt as an international investor buying U.S. real estate.

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Learn About The Safest Ways For A Canadian To Participate In A USA Multifamily Syndication

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