I spoke to Abel Pacheco of the 5 Talents Podcast about underwriting and the general quality of a sponsor.

Check out the podcast link, plus the show notes are below.

Listen to Podcast

Opening Segment [00:01 – 07:08]
– Let’s get to know Omar Khan
– Omar gives us some background

Using Golden Standard Financial Advising Experience [07:09 – 15:17]
– Omar breaks down what a CFA charterholder is and how he got the title
– How Omar uses his experience today
– How Omar does deals today and advice on playing the game

Finding Deals that Fit Your Investment Criteria; Passing Filters [15:18 – 23:39] 
– Omar walks us through his deal process and strategy on the GP and Passive side
– Pass through underwriting filters then visualize
– The importance of sharing filters with the brokers

Forget About the Deal for a Second [23:40 – 33:23] 
– Looking at the quality of the sponsor
– The importance of partnering with a team
– Vetting and education of the partners

Closing Segment [33:24 – 42:20] 
– Omar talks about sourcing the right mentorship and education
– How to get more of Omar
– How Omar gives back